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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 07:00

Camping Checklist - November Action Games Outing (NAGO)

Please keep in mind this is an November outing.  In Michigan that means the weather could be cold, rainy, snowy.  So please come properly prepared for the November weather.

Also keep in mind NAGO is November Action Games Outing, which means you will be getting physical and hot, sweaty. This means plans proper for your gear needs and plan layers. Clothing-generally try to avoid cotton. Once wet, cotton dries slowly and loses much of its ability to keep one warm. Wool or synthetics such as polypropylene are much better.  It also means that it is very important for the scouts to bring water bottles.

If you have questions see any Adult Leader for help.

NOTE: Please leave the electronic games at home.

Class A Uniform

Class B t-shirt

Boy Scout Handbook




Shelter and Bedding

•  a tent (the Troop does have some tents available too)

•  sleeping bag

•  extra blanket since it might get down to 40 degrees (optional)

•  sleeping pad

•  pillow or pillowcase (stuff with clothes for a pillow)




Cooking and Dining

•  eating kit-knife, fork, spoon, plate, cup and bowl

•  filled 1 liter or larger water bottle - IMPORTANT





•  Backpack or something to store your gear

•  1 long-sleeved t-shirt (optional)

•  2 t-shirts

•  coat

•  3 changes of warm wool/synthetic socks

•  2 changes of underwear

•  2 changes jeans/pants

•  waterproof hiking boots or shoes

•  tennis shoes or light-weight shoes for camp (optional)

•  sleepwear

•  rain gear-a poncho will also work

•  winter gloves

•  wool sweater, sweatshirt or fleece jacket (optional)

•  warm winter hat




Personal Hygiene

•  tooth brush, tooth paste

•  small towel and washcloth

•  soap

•  comb/brush

•  personal medication (prescription medication must be in the original container)

•  several plastic ziplock or trash bags to store gear in case of rain




Miscellaneous Items

•  2 Green Glow Sticks for Friday night event

•  wristwatch

•  pen & paper

•  small back pack (optional)

•  camera (optional)

•  small flashlight & extra batteries

•  small pocket knife (optional) - Toten chip card must be present too!

•  compass (optional)

•  duct tape (optional)

•  first aid kit (optional - we have full supplies in troop trailers)

•  hand-warmers (optional)

•  non-aerosol bug repellent (optional)

•  camp chair for around camp (optional)

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