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(Please contact Mrs. Fletcher if you would like to be a Counselor
or take a Merit Badge that currently does not have a Counselor)



  • We'll target to give the Scouts opportunities to work on 1-2 MBs a month.  One of those/mo would be targeted for an Eagle Required MB.  Likely some months (especially the summer and December--we may not make that).  As some MBs are gearing up/others may be winding down and there may be overlap of a third MB during some months
  • It's the Scouts responsibility to get a Blue Card before the start on the MB/fill it out/get the front signed, work on the requirements (as needed at home and using MB worksheets) and have the MB Counselor sign off on the Blue Card.  Also, the Scout needs to keep track of the MB card until it's finished and handed in.
  • The Counselors can guide, and where appropriate instruct on the MBs, but they won't be able to go over every requirement in all cases.  For example, for Personal Fitness the Scouts need to come up with a system and record their progress over a set amount of time.  The Scouts though should come prepared (MB worksheets are great for this)
  • For some MBs the majority of the work can be done in the meeting, BUT it shouldn't be the expectation that the Scout can do Everything at the meeting for all MBs. Some MBs require work outside of what we can do in the Scout meeting.














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