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Tuesday, 11 January 2011 04:25


The most important job we have as Scout leaders - ensure a safe Scouting experience.

Scouting offers specific training on youth protection, as well as leadership and outdoor skills training. We encourage not just our leaders, but all parents involved in our program to take Scouting's Youth Protection Training .

The next most important job we have is to help instill good values in our Scouts.

These values are found in the Scout Oath and Scout Law . Along the way, we teach teamwork , citizenship , help them understand the importance to his religious duties, an appreciation for the importance of community service, and basic leadership skills.

We do all of this in a program that's fun for the Scouts. As mentioned above, we teach outdoors skills, first aid, citizenship, and more importantly, we provide our Scouts with what, for many, are unique experiences that they otherwise might never enjoy.

This troop is flexible and tuned to the boys' needs.

As Scoutmaster, I like to look at scouting in many ways. One way is how the boys can tie scouting into their daily lives. School, sports, hobbies, volunteer activities are just a few. In addition, I'm extremely pleased with the way our troop reaches out to offer many things that other groups (church, school, sports, music) cannot match. Scouting provides opportunities to learn new skills, advance in rank, receive recognition and do things they might not ordinarily do.

Parents should know our troop is not regimented, not focused on the minutiae of proper uniforming, not bogged down in strict rules, nor burdensome bureaucracy. We focus on the boys - they are the "why" we do what we do. We are very pliable in our approach to Scouting, and realize we need to adapt quickly to meet the needs of the troop ... and sometimes, a single boy.

One might ask then, "Does this mean we operate without limits?" The answer is not at all. We just choose to focus on what's truly important.

I believe our troop's approach comes pretty close to what Scouting's founder - Lord Baden-Powell - said at the beginning of the movement ...

Scouting is not a science to be solemnly studied, nor is it a collection of doctrines and texts. Nor again is it a military code for drilling discipline into boys and repressing their individuality and initiative. No -- it is a jolly game in the out of doors, where boy-men and boys can go adventuring together as older and younger brother, picking up health and happiness, handicraft and helpfulness.

We are parents too - and realists when it comes to your time schedule.

All of us are parents so that means we are also realists when it comes to your time schedule - recognizing that school, music, theatre, sports and church - are all important and we really try to flexible in our scheduling. We encourage anyone considering Troop 767to talk to any of our Scouts and their parents to get a feel for what we do, how we do it, and what they and their sons think of our program.

We adhere to the Scouting motto of “ Be Prepared.”

While we are learning new things year round, there are a few skills – life skills – that we feel are critical and will repeat annually. Basic life saving skills, such as first aid exercises, and orienteering using a compass are two of these.

To stay ready, we want and need the participation of adults to help us give the best possible Scouting experience to our kids.

Troop 767 isn't run by magic, or by magicians: it's run by parents like you, and like me.

Our Troop is only as good as we, working together, make it for our sons. We ask at least one adult member of each family to volunteer to help in some way. How you ask? A few ways include:

- helping with a Court of Honor
- organizing our participation in the annual Scouting for Food drive
- becoming a uniformed adult leader
- helping the boys with the newsletter or web site
- help keep our gear organized
- share your skills by serving as a merit badge counselor
- organizing an outing
- just coming along on an outing
- serving on the Troop Committee
- helping with refreshments at a troop party
- serving on a Board of Review
- helping drive the Scouts to/from events

Brice Pawley
Scoutmaster - Troop 767
Call me - 989-835-1817 or
Email me

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